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Located in Pleasanton, California, 'Frontier Spice' is a top-notch Indian cuisine restaurant that provides great dining ambience and offers different exotic and delicious Indian dishes. In addition, we offer specially chosen different brands of hard drinks.

Chefs working in the kitchen of 'Frontier Spice' hold an excellence and deep understanding of cooking and all the Indian spices that are needed ingredients to make one of most beloved and delightful food to eat on the planet Earth.

Over the centuries, many invasions were done by different ethnicities that evolved Indian food as we know it today. In simpler words, it absorbed the essence of different cultures and got influenced by every new invasion. At 'Frontier Spice', we have learnt those lessons and opted for our cooking style. We have professional chefs who are the maestros of blending the right amount of species in a dish to make it delectable and worth remembering. In addition, we keep conjuring new recipes in our menu list and remain a loyal learner to bring more exotic and pleasant-tasting food items for our customers

Seeing the need for great Indian food, we worked harder to make great recipes for food and able to present ourselves to the world through unmatched work ethics and passion that are needed to make the best food, which can put people in awe of wonder and lure them to eat more, until their tummy doesn't fill. We assure that; your tank will be filled, but your heart will linger for more – and that's what makes us stand out from the crowd. We lay emphasis on finest of cuisines and make your dining experience a memorable one through our world-class service and great ambience at the restaurant.

We strive to provide the nutritious food by putting huge importance on the freshness of recipe, and follow strict agenda and guidelines. While preparing the recipes, we keep in mind the health of the diners and opts all the safety measures that can help us to present a complete hygienic food to each and every person who either comes to dine or take food to home. Moreover, we take pride in showing great hospitality that lives up to Indian privilege and make you feel like in India.

"Your Satisfaction Is Our Pride" is the tagline to live by. Your satisfaction has made us successful and nothing pleases us more than seeing you feel happy and content after dining at 'Frontier Spice' and share moments of laughter with your beloved ones.

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